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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Well not been very good at updates latly have I been so busy helping the ssvc at shows and getting through the back log of work I've just not had time.
Any way last week end I went to brighton breeze what an awsome week end good turn of of very cool vans and even the rain didn't seem to put people of.
So all went well until me truck truck and the puck were traveling home we get to the m25 all going well then there is suddenly a que and a guy pulls in in front of me so I slam the brakes on few that was close. So we all start moving again puck dosnt feel right but I can't stop as there's no hard shoulder and can't see out of the windows as I have no heaters and the dog won't stop breathing and steaming up the windows. So a guy pulls in front of me in a little hatch back waving his arms like a banjee pull over pull over this don't look good .
So on the side of the m25 now and the nice man pulls in front of me and tells me the offside wheel on the puck is locked up.
So I ring the aa and wait in the rain got a good veiw of all the vans leaving the breeze.
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